I a n - C.  C h a r b o n n e a u
Record • Mix • Production • Broadcast • Consultant
Specializing in live music recording, broadcast mix, audio and production consultancy, studio project engineering, mixing and record production. Charbonneau's services have a consistent history of great experience, leaving artist, management, labels and production teams at ease. 

With today’s growing demand with live broadcast and audio products, Ian's dedication to a better sounding experience offers great flexibility that ensures an accurate thoughtful mix and product for all types of clients and budgets.  

Clients includes : The Offspring, The Goo Goo Dolls, Rebel Waltz, Warner Music Group, Peter Frampton,  Le Mobile Remote Recording, Yahoo! Music, MTV Networks and NBC/Universal to name a few. Engineering, mixing or consulting for Global TV appearances, webcast, live album, music video, DVD and Studio album production. 

Great Sound, Flexibility and Global Resources you can count on.